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ICON Architectural Group was formed in 2002 and has established itself as one of the mainstay architectural and engineering firms in the area.  Our mission is to provide clients with innovative design and effective building solutions that meet their exact needs.  We measure our success by the success of our clients. Our relationships with clients and the individualized attention throughout the planning and design process is the key to our success.  Our approach is to listen, understand, communicate, and suggest.






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We ensure that the owner’s vision is understood and implemented into our design while also controlling budget and timeline constraints. At ICON, we pride ourselves on client satisfaction and want all our designs to meet the needs of the owner while still serving their functional purpose.


Our team of engineers works closely with our architects and the construction team to ensure continuity between the design and build phases of the project. Our engineers are committed to customer service and creating value in every building and facility.


ICON identifies the client’s vision by listening to their desires and needs. Our team will conduct research and explore possible solutions while identifying opportunities for our client.

Construction Services

Construction Services are crucial to the overall success of the project. Our team will develop a solution based on the cost, time and quality goals that are established in the planning phase of the project.

Interior Design

The most memorable interior design solutions are those that reflect an organization’s brand, culture, and vision. Our team of expert interior designers listens to each client to understand their unique needs and make their vision come to life.

Sustainable Design

At ICON, we understand the importance of protecting and preserving the environment. While not every project requires certification, ICON incorporates the principles of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) into all of our designs.

Technology Integration

ICON understands the role that technology plays in the design and construction of new facilities. During the design phase, our team integrates technology in whichever ways are necessary for the facility. Click here for more information.

Referendum Planning

While working with school districts, community support is very important. ICON understands the importance of getting community members on board with the project, so while working with school districts, we assist in getting referendums passed by helping develop a project website and creating mailers, brochures, and other informational resources for the project as needed.

Our Team