Ralph Engelstad Arena Ice Level Renovations

University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND

Project Overview

The University of North Dakota aims to attract the best student-athletes and understands that player facilities play a large role in the recruitment process. To stay competitive and maintain the first-class quality of one of the premier arenas in the United States, the lower level of the Ralph Engelstad Arena needed to be upgraded. The original design of the arena did not separate the functions of the men's hockey team from the administrative operations spaces of the arena. The updated layout isolates the men's hockey facilities from the rest of the arena. Per the recommendation of the coaching staff, the shape and layout of the locker room were changed to an oval to allow for better visibility and easier communication. The updated locker room features LED lighting and individual locker bays that have integrated mechanical systems with fresh air intakes to vent the player's equipment.

While the main locker room was the focus of the renovation, it only accounted for 20% of the renovations. Other renovations included a video classroom; a team lounge featuring computer workstations and quiet workspaces, a kitchen, and a gaming area; a training area with two private doctor's rooms for on-site diagnosis; dry lockers, a steam room with remote control operated on/off privacy glass splits, and a timeline mural and names of people who have made an impact on the program. The updated facility also focused on paying homage to UND's rich hockey tradition and includes entryway signage featuring Hobey Baker Award winners, current NHL players, and national championship banners; and a jersey hallway.

Key Facts

  • Oval shaped locker room for enhanced team visual and LED signage
  • Video classroom with 80" smartboard for game review and strategy
  • Entryway signage featuring Hobey Baker award winners, current NHL players, and national champtionship banners
  • Jersey hallway all paying homage to UND's rich hockey tradition
  • Team lounge featuring a state of the art kitchen, lounge, and gaming area
  • Training area with two private doctor's rooms featured with the most up to date medical technology including an x-ray machine for on-site diagnosis
  • Dry lockers, steam room, hot tub, showers
  • Coaches recruit and strategy room featuring remote on/off privacy glass splits
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