Elk Ridge Elementary School

Bismarck, ND

Project Overview

The Elk Ridge development has grown rapidly over the past two years, causing schools to have larger class sizes along with a long commute for these children. Elk Ridge Elementary School is currently under construction in northwest Bismarck to help alleviate these issues. This school will allow for smaller class sizes throughout the district and allow a number of these students to walk to their school. The design of Elk Ridge Elementary is a reflection of the contemporary housing which surrounds the school.

Elk Ridge Elementary will have 24 classrooms to house a total capacity of 500 students, allowing for student growth as the residential development fills in, without needing portable classrooms. The school will have separate playground areas for both lower elementary and upper elementary students along with plenty of green space for the children to play. Elk Ridge Elementary is scheduled open the Fall of 2022.

Key Facts

  • 24 Classrooms
  • 2 PreK Classrooms
  • 2 Music Rooms
  • 1 Gymnasium
  • 1 ED Classroom
  • 1 ID Classroom
  • 3 Specialized Classrooms
  • 3 Collaboration Spaces
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