Grafton School District New Middle School and Elementary Addition

Grafton, ND

Project Overview

Grafon Public School District passed a bond referendum to relocate and attach the middle school and the elementary school to the existing high school to create operational and safety efficiencies. ICON assisted in getting the referendum passed by helping develop a project website, creating mailers and brochures, and other informational resources for the project. The addition to the middle school is 80,000 s.f. and includes 29 new classrooms. A small addition to the elementary school was also added which includes nine new classrooms to accommodate for growing enrollment. Overall, the addition includes classroom space for 350-400 students. A new 400-seat auditorium, multi-purpose gym, and new consolidated administrative spaces were also added. Renovations total 20,000 s.f. and include a required upgrade and addition of a sprinkler system throughout the building for more up to date safety measures.

Key Facts

  • 9 new classrooms added to the elementary school for increasing Pre-K and Kindergarten enrollment
  • 29 new classrooms for the middle school
  • Commons area and media center to accommodate for the middle school students
  • Addition of a 400-seat auditorium for use by the school and community
  • Addition to kitchen
  • 80,000 s.f. addition
  • 20,000 s.f. renovation
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